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"The Barana bulls produce progeny with excellent weight and yield. Peter and Charmaine Cook are very genuine people. What you see is what you get with the article they produce." ~ David Wirth, Wirth Cattle Co, GLEN INNES ~ May 2020


“I purchased Barana Lane from their annual bull and heifer sale through LiveBidding in 2016. Once she arrived home she settled in like a dream! Her temperament is second to none, I have never known a heifer to be so genuinely quiet. Aside from temperament she is structurally very sound, as well as having the muscling and fat cover of the Simmental breed. She is a long, broody female with plenty of capacity and genetic potential. We look forward to her calving in September to Nug Royal Red and we thank Peter and Charmaine for the opportunity to secure a female of this quality.” ~ Chelsea Rayner, Kidman Downs Simmentals, Lower Beulah, TASMANIA ~ April 2017

“For the last 20 years we’ve been buying from Barana.  Peter [Cook, Barana Simmentals] is a good cattleman & he knows his stock.  We’re getting good growth rates and fat depth.  They seem to fit the grids pretty well.  They can put on weight and it’s good cover.  It’s a good even weight all over, not a lanky type of beast” ~ Peter Dampney, Junefield, NARRABRI ~ April 2015


“The move to purchase from the Barana stud has been beneficial.  The Barana bulls seems to me to be a superior type of animal.  I am happy with them & the results achieved through our herd, the bulls have assisted in giving the females that genetic lift” ~ Richard Whiteman, The Rookery, COBAR ~ June 2014

“The benefit of the Simmentals is more weight at weaning, driving more dollars through the Singleton Saleyards.  Simmental cross have very good mothering ability and temperament, combined with very good calving ease. Simmental respond to whatever you like to give them they are an all-round performer.  Peter Cook, Barana Simmentals Coolah supplies Kareeba Park with its Simmentals ~ Ross Wicks, Kareeba Park, DENMAN ~ April 2014

“They bought their bulls from the Cook family’s Barana stud, Coolah, [in 1988] and have been returning ever since, Mrs McGuire said.  She said the weight gain from the Simmentals was excellent.  Simmental cows we find are good milkers – when we had Simmental/AIS cows, we milked some of them in the dairy, they were that good” ~ Noelene McGuire, Eureka Park, DORRIGO ~ March 2011

About 14 years ago, Mr Nasmith purchased a Simmental bull from nearby Barana Simmental stud & he’s still using the breed today. “When you’ve got one of the best Simmental studs down the road it’s pretty convenient but the hybrid vigour we get in the calves means more dollars.” ~ Brett Nasmith, Monterey, COOLAH ~ July 2010

"Wonderful to see the embryo cattle. Wishing you continued success" ~ Rob and Deanne Young, Breton AB, Canada ~ October 2010

"Best Black Simmys I’ve come across in Oz" ~ Kyle Lewis, Spruce Grove AB, Canada ~ August 2010

"The largest group/ herd of quality Simmental that I have found in all my travels on this planet." ~ Bill Shoemaker, Pennsylvania, US~ December 2008


"Impressive Bulls" ~ Colin Rex ~ July 2007

"You've got some great cattle, the best I have seen in Australia" ~ Dana Hicks, Saskatchewan Canada ~ October 1999

"I've seen some of the best quality cattle here" ~ James Filby Norfolk, England ~ October 1999 


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