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Barana Union Jack
Barana Galaxy and Calf

Over 36 years of breeding & showing Simmentals I have worked hard to be true to Barana’s motto of “Breeding Cattle for the Commercially Minded”. Accordingly, I endeavour to purchase what I consider to be the best bulls available both in Australia & overseas to suit my breeding programme & to continue the type I have produced in the past. The inclusion of outcross bloodlines retains the hybrid vigour in our breeding herd. Since introducing the polled gene I have found these cattle perform equally with our horned cattle of the past. I aim to breed a line of straight coloured cattle either red or blonde as we have found they are more sought after than the broken coloured. I prefer loose skinned, fine haired characteristics as these produce a softer, fleshier result.


I place great importance on breeding for ease of calving, milk production & fertility and our females must be able to rear a calf under natural conditions. My aim is to breed bulls that produce quick growing steers with good carcase characteristics and the ability to finish.



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